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Now that it’s summertime, many of our residents are looking for ways to spend their free time. Luckily for residents of our student apartments, Missoula makes it easy to enjoy the summer weather, with tons of outdoor activities that provide perfect ways to get active and enjoy nature! We’re recommending just a few of our favorite outdoor activities on this edition of the Sawyer blog.


Got a friend in our Missoula student apartments who you’d love to get outdoorsy with? Go ahead and share this post with them and start planning your next outdoor adventure! Now without further ado, let’s discuss our top recommendations for enjoying the Missoula outdoors!


Go White Water Rafting on the Alberton Gorge


Summertime is the perfect time to take full advantage of peak rafting conditions on the Alberton Gorge! This activity is well-suited for those with an adventurous spirit and a few friends willing to tag along for the ride! Be sure to employ the help of a professional guide when you take this adventure on; there are plenty of excellent rafting companies in town that can help make sure your trip is safe and fun.


Hike in Lolo National Forest


Rattlesnake National Recreation Area & Wilderness in Lolo National Forest is just a few miles north of Missoula and has several excellent trails of varying difficulty levels. There are also nearby campsites for those interested in spending a couple of days with a group of friends sleeping under the stars and enjoying the great outdoors. Pack yourself a bag of trail mix and experience some of Montana’s best wildlife.


Surf Brennan’s Wave


For those looking to stay in town, Brennan’s Wave in downtown Missoula is the perfect way to enjoy some fun on the water! You can surf this man-made wave, or experience it via kayak, paddleboard, or innertube. This outdoor activity isn’t a major time commitment and can be accomplished in an afternoon, so the barrier to entry is very low for this Missoula staple.


Play Disc Golf


A leisurely game of disc golf is a great way to spend a summer afternoon, as long as it’s not too windy. Grab a friend or two and head to one of Missoula’s several disc golf courses for some friendly competition. Blue Mountain Disc Golf Course is a popular choice.


How are you going to enjoy the Missoula outdoors this summer? We hope this post inspired you to spend some time in the fresh air all around our Missoula student apartments! If you liked this post and want to read more of our posts, bookmark our blog page for easy access! You can also make sure you’re following us on Instagram so you never miss community events, updates, and special promotions!

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