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If you have the opportunity and resources, we highly recommend taking advantage of UM’s study abroad program. Studying abroad is a unique experience that allows you to absorb a new culture and way of living. We’ll miss you as a student apartments in Missoula resident, but we can guarantee your time abroad will be one of the best experiences of your life.


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Get Your Finances In Order


Congrats on being accepted into a study abroad program! Now that you know you’ll be spending time away from campus and student apartments in Missoula, it’s time to take a good, hard look at your finances. Since you will be spending a few months outside of the States, it might be worthwhile to look into setting up a bank account where you will be studying. This can help cut down on transaction fees and make accessing local currency much easier.


Also, check your credit card to see if you will incur any foreign transaction fees. If so, look into opening a new travel card that doesn’t have fees. Look for one where you can redeem points on any travel-related purchases.




Before heading out, make sure to squeeze in your doctor’s appointments. This will ensure you’re in tip-top shape before leaving the country. You also will need to take into account any medications you regularly take. Remember to stock up with enough to get you through your time abroad and work with your doctor and insurance company to ensure you won’t have any issues getting access to the meds you need in time.


Document Everything


Sure, we live in a digital age where everything will be captured and shared on Instagram. But despite this, you should still keep a journal while you’re abroad. It’ll help you remember all of the details, big and small, of your experience. It’ll also be something you can hold onto for years to come. It might even come in handy as a reference when friends or family ask for recommendations.


Wherever you decide to travel, we wish you a safe and happy adventure!


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