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When was the last time you woke up in the morning feeling completely refreshed and revitalized? We would hope that you felt like that this morning when you woke up in your student apartments in Missoula. In the event that you did not, we think you’ll like this week’s blog post. That’s because we’ll be spending the next couple minutes talking about ways that you can get a better night’s sleep every night. It’s hard to find time to sleep as a student, but these tips should help you maximize the time that you are in bed sleeping.


Without further delay, let’s dive right into the list of sleep tips! Oh, and when you’re done reading through this week’s blog post, please be sure to share it with friends, neighbors and anyone else who might be interested in learning a little more about The Sawyer — the community of student apartments Missoula residents can’t wait to experience firsthand.


Tell people you’re trying to sleep better.


The first tip on our list is more about motivation than anything else. Studies have shown that telling friends and family about our goals can make us more likely to actually follow through on them. Plus, you should make your friends aware that you might skip that late night snack because you’re prioritizing sleep. If you’re serious about sleeping more, make it known!


Do the same thing every night before bed.


Bedtime routines help our body figure out when it’s time to get tired. Your routine can be something as simple as reading in bed before turning out the lights, or it can be as complex as going through a whole skincare routine before crawling into bed. All that matter is that you do the same thing every night so your body figures out when it’s supposed to get tired.


Consider a cold shower.


Sometimes a cold shower can be the shock system that wakes you up in the morning. Other times, it can be exactly what you need to get tired. That’s because your body needs to cool down before it can fall asleep. It does this naturally every night, but a cold shower can speed the process along. If you can deal with the cold temperatures, give this a shot next time you’re having trouble falling asleep!


With that, we’ve hit the end of our list of sleep tips. If we’ve done our job this week, you should have no trouble falling asleep tonight! We’d like to thank you for taking a few minutes out of your busy early semester schedule to read the latest brand new post from The Sawyer apartments in Missoula. We love keeping you informed, and we’re thrilled to see that so many of you have been reading our blogs. Be sure to check back next week when our next post goes up live on the site! In the time between now and then, we hope you experience nothing but good nights of sleep.


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