Our Team

Introducing the A-Team!

These people keep The Sawyer running, keep residents happy and answer any questions you may have. Not only are they the brains behind every event that goes on, but they have also poured their hearts into The Sawyer project and love living and working here. Come say hi and get to know us!



General Manager

Montanan or Transplant?

A transplant from Bismarck, North Dakota, with some quality time spent in the PNW.

You’ll find her:
Reading, hiking, or catching a concert downtown.

Dream vacation:
Hiking Machu Picchu


Assistant Manager

Montanan or Transplant?Montanan

You’ll find him:
Fishing a mile or more away from the car at Dusk.

Dream vacation:
Heli-skiing in BC or motorcycle touring in Europe.

Pearl of Wisdom:
Even if it’s a short one, take a walk every day.


Community Manager

Montanan or Transplant?
Transplant! Go Buckeyes!

You’ll find him:
At Brio, getting coffee, or hiking the trails

Dream vacation:

Pearl of Wisdom:
“If you ain’t first, you’re last” – Ricky/Reese Bobby

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