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What do you love most about living in University of Montana apartments? If you’re into the outdoors, you’re probably thrilled to be so close to rivers, mountains and hiking trails. The abundance of outdoor activities is one of our favorite things about living in Missoula, which is why we felt inspired to write a blog post about bringing the outdoors inside. If you’re still trying to figure out how to style your new place, you might want to test out some of the looks we go through in the blog post below.


Bringing the outdoors inside can be so much more than just adding a few potted plants to your home. Want to know what we’re talking about? Check out the blog post below! Oh, and when you’re done reading through it, please be sure to share the link to this page with your friends and anyone who might be interested in learning more about The Sawyer — the apartments University of Montana students can’t stop talking about.


Let plants hang, bend, and sway


A small plant on a table doesn’t look natural because, well, it isn’t. If you want your plants to make your place seem more natural and outdoorsy, you’ve got to let them do things that plants do. Hang some plants from a high point. Let the vines fall down and catch onto things. Put a large plant near your window where it can bend towards the light and move when the wind comes through. The more natural you can let your plants be, the more of an impact they’ll have on the look of your apartment.


Don’t forget about the smells


One of the best things about immersing yourself in nature is the abundance of smells. This is why we breathe deeply when we walk into an open field, and why dogs stick their heads out the window. If you’re going to bring nature into your home, you might as well go all the way. Add flowers, not just plants. Pick up some essential oils and naturally-scented candles to add to the natural vibes. Most of all, have fun with it.


Follow the earth tone trend


Once you’ve brought all the rocks, driftwood and potted plants into your home, you’ve got to make sure your man-made decor matches the natural look. Look for blankets and throw pillows that incorporate natural colors. If you’re going to hang art, look for art that shows natural scenes. Open the curtains and let the natural light into your apartment. The point is to make sure your apartment has a seamless look and doesn’t contrast with the natural plants you’ve brought inside.


We’re all out of natural decor ideas to share with you this week, but we’ll be back in a couple weeks with another informative blog. We’d like to take this time to thank those of you who’ve been coming back month after month to read all the latest blogs from The Sawyer, and we hope that you’ll come back to read our next one when it goes live!

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