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Finding the perfect Missoula student apartments can be a challenge, especially for international students who often have the added difficulty of living not just off-campus, but out of the country during the summer months when many students look for fall housing. They are also sometimes not well-served by housing communities that can make them feel isolated from the community they may already have to work hard to feel a part of.


At The Sawyer, we’ve thought a lot about how to make sure we meet the needs of international students. Here are a few reasons we believe The Sawyer is an excellent choice for international students at the University of Montana!


Have a friend or classmate at UMT who is an international student looking for somewhere to live? Be sure to share this post with them so they can get the information they need to make their housing decision for this coming fall! Now without further ado, let’s talk about what makes The Sawyer international student–friendly.


Remote Tours & Roommate Matching


We know that not every student has the flexibility to attend a tour in person, and not every student comes to school with an established community of folks they might want to room with! That’s why our tours and roommate matching can all be done remotely, so all students, including international students, can get the resources they need to make housing arrangements in Missoula.


We’ll happily FaceTime or Skype with you if you can’t tour our community in person, so you can still get the full experience, and ask all your questions, even if you’re halfway around the world from our student apartments in Missoula.


Convenient Storage


International students can’t often go home just to pick up something they need on a whim. This can mean that they need to bring more stuff to their Missoula home than other students who can rely on their parents or other Missoula connections to borrow what they need. If you find you have more stuff than you can store easily in your student apartment, we have additional storage conveniently available on every floor, so there’s always room for the things you need.


Bicycle parking is also available, so you can ride your bike into campus and never have to carry your bike up to your room to store it.


Part of the Community


We make it easy to feel like part of the community and make connections with your classmates at The Sawyer. Our thoughtfully-designed common spaces like study areas, clubhouses, a fitness studio, and a courtyard provide opportunities to meet your neighbors, make friends, and enjoy the Missoula scenery.


You’ll feel connected not only to your UMT community here, but also the Missoula community at large. Programmed community events bring our residents and staff together at The Sawyer, and our central location will connect you not just to the nearby UMT campus, but also to downtown eating, shopping, and other hotspots.


Low-Maintenance Living


With individual leases, fully-furnished units, and all utilities included, you can enjoy a stress-free living environment at The Sawyer. Life as a student is stressful enough, especially so for many international students! We’re committed to making your housing as simple and pleasant as possible so that you can focus on being a student and living your life to the fullest!


If you’re an international student at UMT, or you know someone who is, we hope you’ll feel very welcome at The Sawyer, and we’d love for you to reach out to us with any questions you may have! We’re eager to do what we can to provide the best Missoula student apartments for you.


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