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Everyone gets into a funk sometimes, and sometimes that funk is worse than just a funk. As a student, there are a thousand things going on in your life, many of them challenging and unpleasant. Beyond that, young adulthood is an age when mental health issues can arise or become more apparent, and many students may be in the position of having to be intentional about their mental health for the first time.


We want all residents of our student apartments in Missoula to be happy and healthy, so we’ve pulled together 3 simple ways to improve overall happiness, whether you’re in the midst of hardship or not. These can all be accomplished from the comfort of your Missoula student apartments at The Sawyer and can be started immediately. Let’s get into it!


If you know anyone in our community of student apartments in Missoula who could benefit from these tips, then be sure to share this post with them once you’re done reading! For now, let’s talk tips!


Practice Mindfulness


You may have heard of mindfulness because it seems to be all the rage these days. But mindfulness is more than just a fad. Lots of different behaviors can promote mindfulness, but in general, mindfulness refers to the project of paying attention to the present moment, especially using your senses to become aware of how a situation or environment feels in the here and now. Because it focuses on the immediate and the tangible, mindfulness is an excellent practice for anyone needing to get in control of anxious or obsessive thoughts, especially thoughts that relate to the past or future.


A popular way to practice mindfulness is to meditate, and studies have shown that regular meditation has long-lasting effects on how the brain processes thoughts and feelings. This article from Mindful.org is a great primer on how to meditate in a way that’s most helpful for you. We highly recommend you try doing a guided meditation if you’re new to mindfulness meditation; you can find some toward the bottom of that Mindful.org article.


Other ways to practice mindfulness include journaling and talking to a licensed counselor. The common thread through all these practices is that they provide different, more controlled ways to process and reframe thoughts and feelings. When we change our relationship with negative thoughts that seem to be controlling us, we clear the way for greater happiness and calm.


Get Moving


It’s not always easing getting motivated to exercise, especially when you’re already feeling down. But studies show that even a little bit of exercise can have a huge positive impact on mental health. In the short-term, exercise releases endorphins that promote positive feelings in the body. In the long-term, regular exercise helps to change your brain chemistry as well as keeping your body in working order, making you feel stronger, comfier, and more energetic.


You don’t need to get swole, trim fat, or lose pounds to gain the benefits of exercise. Head over to our on-site Mind-Body Fitness Studio for a quick 15-minute workout, go for a jog around the complex, or just take a short walk outside your apartment. These activities also have the added bonus of giving you some time to gain a new perspective, reframe your thoughts, and enjoy some fresh air.


Get Better Sleep


Our sleep has profound effects in every area of our lives, including our overall happiness. If you’re not getting enough rest, it can easily take a toll, not only making you feel tired, but also compromising your body’s natural ability to process thoughts, feelings, and memories in a healthy way.


As a student, getting good sleep is particularly important in helping you learn effectively as well. Unfortunately, many students find it challenging to get consistently good sleep. In case you missed it, check out our post on How To Sleep Better At Your Missoula Student Apartments for some tips that can help!


We wish you increased happiness very soon, and hope these tips help! Share this post with your friends and neighbors, and bookmark our blogs page to keep seeing tips and recommendations like this for residents of our Missoula student apartments! We’ll be back with another post in a few weeks (just in time for finals season), but in the meantime, make sure you’re following us on Instagram so you never miss community events, updates, and special promotions! Have a healthy and happy day!


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